DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme


The DSA together with the motorcycle industry have developed a new post-test rider development initiative called The Enhanced Rider Scheme. The initiative will benefit all riders who hold a full motorcycle licence Ė it doesnít matter what size of bike you own or what your level of experience is. Donít worry; you will not have to take another formal test with the DSA!


The rider will undertake an assessment with a DSA accredited trainer, who must be registered on the DSAís Register of Post-Test Motorcycle Trainers (RPMT). At the end of the assessment the rider is given a Rider Appraisal Report. If the report shows that the riderís skills are already at a sufficiently high level, the rider will not need to undergo any further training to benefit from insurance discounts by those insurers participating in the scheme. If the Rider Appraisal Report identifies further development needs, a DSA RPMT trainer is able to put together a rider development programme tailored to suit the riderís own individual development requirements via a combination of practical and theoretical learning. The rider will then need to satisfactorily complete the programme and undergo a further assessment. The final Rider Appraisal Report must show that the riderís skills have reached a sufficiently high level, before the insurance discount is available.


The DSA have been working closely with training experts to develop a training syllabus for motorcyclists who hold a full motorcycle licence. The syllabus is designed to reduce risk and improve the individual riders skills. DSA are establishing a network of approved and accredited trainers across the country to deliver skills assessments and any recommended training. Accord Training Services has one of these trainers as a member of the team.